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Song, Joo-Hyun
Summary of Practice
Joo-Hyun Song is a managing partner of the firm and a notable specialist in the practice of IP prosecution and litigation.

Having begun his career as a Trademark and Design Examiner at the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), Mr. Song eventually became the highest ranking Chief Administrative Judge of the KIPO Board of Appeal. He has since dedicated his career in the pursuit of strengthening Korea's IP industry and is the author of numerous related publications.

Mr. Song was admitted to the Korean Patent Bar in 1986 and is a member of the Korea Patent Attorneys Association.
College of Law, Hannam University (LLB)
Graduate School of Chung-Ang University (MPA)
College of Master of Public Administration, Korea University (CEO MBA)
Professional Experience
Trademark Examiner and Human Resources Manager, KIPO (1981-1991)
Admitted as a Korean Patent Attorney (1986)
Professor and Director of the Curriculum Planning Department, International Patent Training Institute (1991-1993)
Section Chief, Industrial Property Protection Department (1993)
Section Chief, KIPO Computer Department (1994)
Section Chief, Design Section 3 (1994-1996)
Administrative Judge, KIPO Board of Trademark and Design Appeals (1996-1998)
Section Chief, Administrative Section (1998-1999)
Administrative Judge, KIPO Board of Patent Appeals (1999-2002)
Lecturer, Chung-Nam University, Graduate College of Law (1999)
Director of the Trademark and Design Examination Department, KIPO (2002-2004)
Committee Chair, KIPO Industrial Property Management Association (2002-2004)
Director, KIPO Invention Policy Board (2004)
Chief Administrative Judge, KIPO Board of Patent Appeals (2004-2005)
Managing Partner, YOU ME Patent & Law Firm (2005-present)
The First Chairman of the Board of Representatives, Korea Patent Attorneys Association (2010-2011)
Systematic Management of Industrial Property Rights (1989)
Competitiveness Improvement of Business Enterprises and Industrial Property Rights System (2000)