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Lee, Wonil
Summary of Practice
Wonil Lee is a partner and member of the firm's patent department, where his practice focuses on patent prosecution related to electrical engineering.

Over the course of his prominent career, Mr. Lee has served on the Council of the Korea Financial Investment Association and was the Public Relations and Communications Director of the Korea Patent Attorneys Association. Currently, he is a registered Technology Transfer Agent and lecturer at the Korea Invention Promotion Association, the International Intellectual Property Training Institute, and Korea Copyright Commission.

Due to his significant contributions to the Korean IP industry, Mr. Lee has made several televised appearances and radio broadcasts highlighting the importance of IP, authored columns about patent law in Korea's national newspapers, and has published a series of papers on the protection and development of IP.

Mr. Lee was admitted to the Korean Patent Bar in 1995 and is a member of the Korea Patent Attorneys Association, Asian Patent Attorneys Association, and AIPPI.
College of Engineering, Seoul National University (B.S., Electrical Engineering, 1996)
Professional Experience
Admitted to the Korean Patent Bar (1995)
Wonjon Patent & Law Firm (1995)
Moderator, "War of Patents", a weekly TV program broadcasted through Maeil Economy Broadcasting (2002)
Awarded "New Intellect of the Year", KIPO (2002)
Registered as a Technology Transfer Agent (2004-present)
Shiga International Patent Office, Secondment (2005)
Member of the Mediation Committee for Semiconductor Layout Designs (2008-present)
Council Member, Korea Financial Investment Association (2009-2013)
Adjunct Professor, IT Convergence Department, Korea Polytechnic University (2010-2011)
Full-time Lecturer, KIPA (2001-present)
Full-time Lecturer, Samsung Advanced Institute Technology (2001-2006)
Full-time Lecturer, International Intellectual Property Training Institute (2005-present)
Full-time Lecturer, Korea Copyright Commission (2008-present)
Full-time Lecturer, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (2008)
Full-time Lecturer, Ewha Womans University (2010)
Full-time Lecturer, Intellectual Property Department, Ajou University (2011)
Court Expert Adviser
Public Relations Director, Korea Patent Attorney Association (2012-2014)
Communications Director, Korea Patent Attorney Association (2014-2016)
Featured in the Series “Meet Korea’s Top Public Figures” broadcasted by Korea Work TV on December 5, 2012
Adjunct Professor, Korea Invention Promotion Association IP Campus (2018)
Committee Member, The 4th Industrial Revolution Committee for Small & Medium Businesses (2019-present)
Columnist for Patents & Inventions (1999-2000)
Authored e-patent Strategy (2001)
Authored columns about patent law in the Economy Daily, Chungang Daily, Seoul Economy Daily, Korea Economy Business Daily, and others newspapers
Understanding of Patent Systems for Professional Engineers (2008, KPEA)
Research of Domestic and Overseas Conditions for Protection Policies of Business Method Patents and the Prospects of Development Thereof (2008, KIPO)
Understanding Intellectual Property (2009, 2012, 2018, KIPA, Co-author)
Intellectual Property Management Manual for Entering the Korean Business Market in Japanese (2012, Japan External Trade Organization)
Prosperous Patents (2013, TAKERS)
Intellectual Property Standard Education Program Guidebook for Graduate Schools (2014 Korea Invention Promotion Association, Co-author)