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Intellectual Property Invention Series: Publication of “Understanding Intellectual Property”

As part of the Intellectual Property Invention Series initiated by the Korean Intellectual Property Office and the Korea Invention Promotion Association, a book authored by attorneys from YOU ME Patent & Law Firm was published in March 2018.  The book titled “Understanding Intellectual Property” was co-authored by patent attorneys Wonil Lee, Gyunghwa Han, Hyunil Park, and trademark attorney Kyungsook Lee and follows on from books of the same title written by attorneys from YOU ME in 2009 and 2012.

This self-explanatory book is intended for students who have no background in IP, as well as for members of the general public, who are interested in understanding and learning the basics of intellectual property.  Specifically, this book contains numerous examples to help readers understand the context behind IP laws and regulations, and provides guidance and materials to identify recent intellectual property trends.  As such, it is hoped that this new publication will serve as a basic textbook for the general public, as well as for universities, to further promote and assist in the understanding of intellectual property.

“Understanding Intellectual Property” is a 500-page color book that provides an overview of patents, designs, trademarks and copyright.

The chapters of the book are as follows:

 1. An Overview of Intellectual Property and Recent Trends
 2. Patent System (1) - Creation of Patents
 3. Patent System (2) - Protection & Utilization of Patents
 4. The Trademark System
 5. The Copyright System
 6. The Design System
 7. Overseas Application Systems
 8. Prior Arts and Trademark Investigations
9. Appendix/Intellectual Property Glossary