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Xu, Li-Hua
Foreign License Holders
Summary of Practice
Li-Hua Xu is an associate in the firm's patent department, where her practice focuses on patent prosecution and appeals related to chemicals and matters arising from Chinese filings.

In 2008, Dr. Xu completed her PhD in Energy Engineering at Ajou University in Korea and contributed her academic intellect to its Department of Energy Systems Research.

Prior to joining the firm, Dr. Xu worked at Myung Ryun IP & Law Firm, as well as the Korean Institute for Advanced Engineering.

Dr. Xu was admitted to the Chinese Patent Bar in 2019.
Yanbian University in China (M.S., Chemical, 2002)
Ajou University (Ph. D., Energy Engineering, 2008)
Professional Experience
Institute for Advanced Engineering (2008.8-2013.12)
Ajou University (Department of Energy Systems Research, 2015.1-2020.2)
Admitted to the Chinese Patent Bar (2019)
Myung Ryun IP & law Firm (2020.3-2021.7)
Development of Fouling Index for the Determination of Low Temperature Ash Behavior in the IGCC Gasifier (2008)
China’s Coal Gasification Technology Industry (2018)
Hydrogen Production Technology and Industrial Policy Status in China (2019)