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Yuan, Huilan
Foreign License Holders
Summary of Practice
Huilan Yuan is a Chinese associate in the firm's patent department, where her practice focuses on patent and utility model prosecution and appeals related to chemicals, biotech, life sciences and pharmaceuticals.

Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Yuan worked at LG Electronics Tianjin (China) Corporation, as well as the LG Electronics IP Center. She is therefore also knowledgeable in all areas of Chinese Patent Law, Trademarks, and Litigation.
College of Food Science Engineering(Chemical and Biology Engineering), Tianjin University in China (Bachelor of Engineering) 2003.09-2007.07
Graduated School of Law, Seoul National University (Master of Law) 2010.08-2013.02
Professional Experience
LG Electronics Tianjin(China) Corporation Patent Team (2007.10-2010.07)
LG Electronics IP center (2013.03-2019.11)
Admitted to the Chinese Patent Bar (2018)
The guidelines for perfecting security interest or pledge of patents in foreign countries (2020, Korea Invention Promotion Association, Co-author)