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YOU ME Patent & Law Firm Celebrated its 40th Anniversary this Year

Founded on March 6, 1981, YOU ME initially consisted of a handful of attorneys and legal assistants, but this number has now grown to around 300, making it a global IP law firm with multiple offices in numerous jurisdictions. This growth is attributed to the introduction of innovative ideas and the firm’s state-of-the-art IP management systems, such as its document automation system and due date management system. In addition, YOU ME offers a true partnership organization where all attorneys with more than eight years of experience can become equity shareholders and take part in the firm's management with equal voting rights. As a result, talented attorneys are easily retained and nurtured. YOU ME currently represents a diverse client pool and prosecutes about 4,000 patent applications and 2,700 trademark applications per year, and it entrusts a similar number of cases to overseas associates.

The founder of the firm, Mr. Wonho Kim, who retired three years ago and is currently managing a non-profit company promoting peace and spirituality, congratulated YOU ME on the commemoration of its 40th Anniversary:

“I am very moved to see that YOU ME Patent Law & Firm has reached its 40th year of business. When the firm was first created, we thought of the name YOU ME to represent the respect between attorneys and clients, as well as between the members of YOU ME, just like in a real family. Your struggle, efforts, and camaraderie, have resulted in the current organization, and I am so very proud of you all. I hope that your care and empathy continue to grow and lead you to the road to the firm’s 50th Anniversary!”

YOU ME is extremely grateful to its clients and members for the opportunity to celebrate its 40th Anniversary and will continue to provide the highest-quality intellectual property services to protect their IP rights.