Clean Energy & Renewables

Kim, Yoon-Gon
Foreign License Holders; Attorneys-at-Law
Summary of Practice
Yoon-Gon Kim is an associate in the firm's patent department, where his practice focuses on patent prosecution and appeals related to secondary batteries and microbes. Additionally, he routinely undertakes patent mapping and prior art searches for LG Chemical.

Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Kim was a contract attorney for Discovery Projects and worked at Comet International Patent Office in Korea. Being a keen researcher and avid writer, he has published numerous papers and reviews in the International J. Systemic & Evolutionary Microbiology, which is the official journal of record for novel prokaryotic taxa published by the Microbiology Society.

Mr. Kim was admitted to the Illinois Bar in 2012 and is a member of the Illinois Bar Association.
College of Engineering, Hanyang University (B.S., Energy Resources Engineering, 2003)
College of Natural Sciences, Seoul National University (M.S., Microbiology, 2007)
Case Western Reserve University School of Law (Juris Doctor, 2012)
Professional Experience
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Legal Intern, Summer (2011)
Admitted to the District of Illinois Bar (2012)
Discovery projects of patent litigations, Contract Attorney (2012)
Comet International Patent Office (2013-2017)
Member of the Illinois Bar